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What are the experiences of gay, lesbian and bisexual people with dementia?

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My name is James McParland and I am conducting research into the experiences of gay, lesbian and bisexual people affected by memory difficulties. I believe that these individuals may face unique challenges, but little is known about these experiences. I hope to interview the person with memory difficulties and someone with whom they have a significant relationship. For example, their partner, close friend, carer, or other relative. Participation would involve a one-off interview at a location of your choice. I can also conduct interviews using Skype.

Anyone who takes part in the study would be making a really valuable contribution that could hopefully go some way towards positively impacting health and care provision.

If you are interested in taking part, or have any questions, please call me on 07922 310 097 or email There is a website with further information at

Please feel free to pass these details on to anyone that you think might be interested in taking part, or to any of your connections that have access to individuals that may like to contribute.

Thank you for reading!

James McParland
Trainee Clinical Psychologist
Twitter: @JamesCMcParland



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  1. Mike Parish
    Mike Parish

    I’d like to contribute 🙂

    May 22, 2016

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