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Key Recommendations from the Duties to Care research project

Our analysis of the findings from the questionnaire responses and focus group discussions has generated three key recommendations for policy and practice to improve the experiences of carers of people with dementia. Service providers should:

  • Provide a single, continuing, point of contact for services, advice and referrals.
  • Facilitate more access to information, earlier, about legal and financial matters.
  • Increase the availability of planned respite to enable carers to cope better for longer.


Dementia Project Newsletters

The research team have created summaries of the findings from the research projects to enable you to see what we found out. Follow the links to download the ‘Dementia Project News’

Download Dementia Project News: Findings Summary 1 (August 2011)
This newsletter provides detailed information about the survey findings, including who completed the survey, their views about service provision, their understandings of their rights and responsibilities as carers, and information about complaints.


Download Dementia Project News:Findings Summary 2 (February 2012)
This newsletter provides a summary of the overall findings from the Duties to Care project, including key recommendations, future plans and information about the research team.


Download Dementia Project Newsletter 3 (October 2012)
This newsletter provides an update on the Dementia Talking project, and news about publications and talks arising from both the Duties to Care and Dementia Talking dementia projects.