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Whats the dementia project about

What's the project about?

The 'Duties to care' project is interested in the experiences of carers of people with dementia. Dementia is an umbrella term which describes a range of degenerative brain diseases that have common symptoms. These symptoms include memory loss, decreased reasoning and communication skills, and a reduction in the skills needed to carry out activities of daily living. In particular the project focuses on carers' experiences of accessing health and social care services.

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Get involved with the dementia project

Get Involved!

The Duties to Care Dementia Project explores carers' views about, and experiences of, accessing health and social care services for people with dementia.

We have now completed the data collection for the Duties to Care project. You can find out more about the findings from this project on the findings page. The Dementia Talking project is still ongoing, and there may be an opportunity for carers to take part in that project.

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Dementia project support links

Links and Support information

Our support links page contains links, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses of the biggest support groups and charities. Including, the Alzheimer's society, Dementia UK, Carers UK, and the Relatives and residents association.

The links include places to help improve the quality of life of people suffering from dementia, support for those who care for or have family affected by dementia and many other useful links.

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